Our Focus

We are a full-service dental office providing a diverse range of family, restorative and cosmetic dentistry services.


Your teeth and gums are healthy. Now what? We will help you develop an ongoing strategy for keeping your teeth in optimal condition. Regular check-ups, routine dental hygiene appointments and periodic radiographs will help ensure everything stays healthy. And if any problems should arise, they will be caught as early as possible.

Dental Hygiene

Keep them clean

A healthy dental routine only takes a couple of minutes out of your day, but the results can last a lifetime.


Flouide Treatment

Keep them strong

A proven tooth booster that adds strength and stability to your existing teeth.



Keep them smooth

Removes time-worn stains and helps whiten your teeth naturally without the use of bleaching agents.


Dental Exams

Let's take a look

It's important to visit us every six months for your regular dental exam... before small issues become big problems.


Whitening For Life

Keep them white

Light up the room with one of our proven teeth-whitening procedures.



Let's look under the hood

Our digital imaging services help see what's going on inside, safely and easily.



Like everything else, sometimes, things go wrong. Teeth chip, break and wear. They have even been known to develop decay. Fortunately, with the options available to dentistry today - high strength fillings, state of the art ceramics, pain-free root canal treatments - we are able to find the right solution for your teeth that balances conservativeness, longevity and aesthetics.


We exclusively use composite fillings that match the shade and contour of your existing teeth.



Let's fix that damaged tooth so you can eat, speak and smile like normal again.


Same Day Crowns

New innovative service coming soon! Contact us to learn more.


Root Canal Treatments

Do you have teeth sensitivity or pain? The pulp inside your tooth may be infected, which we can correct with a simple root canal procedure.


Tooth Relocation Services

While wisdom teeth often get extracted, there are other reasons why a tooth may need to be removed.



A fixed (non-removeable) appliance that provides an excellent solution to missing teeth.



A relatively stress-free way to replace missing teeth.


Dental Implants

Do you have teeth sensitivity or pain? The pulp inside your tooth may be infected, which we can correct with a simple root canal procedure.



Reconstruction combines the science of restorative dentistry with the aesthetics of cosmetics dentistry to improve the health, function and attractiveness of your smile. Our process begins with an in-depth evaluation, after which we offer a range of solutions based on your unique needs. Reconstruction is recommended for complex issues affecting the whole mouth, including pronounced bite issues, advanced destruction of the tooth structure, multiple missing teeth impacting the ability to chew and TMJ issues. The objective of this process is to restore the ability to chew effectively and correct the alignment of the teeth to enable stable function over the long term. Crowns, bridges, veneers and/or implants may be all used in your reconstruction treatment.


If you were to craft your unique smile from scratch, what would you see smiling back at you in the mirror? A Smyl renovation is a bespoke process that allows us to collaboratively design the smile of your dreams, whether that means giving you back the smile you used to have or giving you a new smile you never had but always wanted. Set your dreams free and book a no-obligation initial consultation today.


Our goal is to understand you and what you want before deciding on your best course of treatment.


Dr. Grant Yiu, DDS

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