Tooth Relocation

When evaluating how to treat any specific dental condition, extraction is a last resort. Our desire is to keep your natural teeth healthy and functioning properly for life. However, the need to remove a tooth unfortunately arises.

Sometimes a tooth is so severely damaged that an extraction is necessary. Advanced decay can also represent a high risk of infection, in which case removal is the most responsible course of action.

Other reasons for tooth relocation, especially in children and young adults, occur in cases such as:


When existing teeth are blocking new teeth from growing in properly. An extraction will make room while avoiding serious orthodontic issues later in life.

Baby teeth issues

If a baby tooth doesn’t naturally fall out, the original tooth may need to be pulled to make room for the adult tooth.


Sometimes, tooth removal is the ideal course of action if you’re being fitted for braces and we need to create additional room for teeth that are being straightened or realigned.

We provide both local and general sedation services to eliminate pain and facilitate the removal process.

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Tooth Relocation
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