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Teeth polishing involves using a special dental tool with a rounded head that has recessed openings designed to hold the polishing paste. We use this polishing tool on the front and back surfaces of your teeth, and then finish by using a bristle brush attachment to finish cleaning the top surfaces of the back teeth.

Teeth polishing helps to remove surface stains such as coffee and red wine stains. These stains accumulate naturally over time and are easily polished away, saving the need to undergo a whitening procedure. The polishing paste, or prophy paste, contains polishing and cleaning agents including sodium fluoride which has a proven history of protecting teeth. We have pastes in fine, medium and coarse grit; the texture we use depends on the amount of stain present.

Almost all patients benefit from teeth polishing, however this procedure is advised against those with highly sensitive teeth and with patients experiencing gum recession. Our goal would be to address these issues first and hope to provide teeth polishing on your next visit.

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Teeth Polishing
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