Root Canal Treatments

Root canal therapy is necessary when the pulp inside a tooth or teeth has been compromised by decay. A root canal prevents the need for a more complicated procedure such as a tooth extraction or implant while minimizing damage to existing teeth.

Without treatment, a damaged tooth with infected pulp can lead to infection, abscesses and other problems. Root canals are typically completed in as little as two appointments with minimal discomfort. The first visit involves preparing the area with a numbing agent and then isolating the tooth or teeth requiring the root canal.

Next, we use a special drill to help us access the pulp and root canals of the tooth so we can clean out the infected pulp, effectively hollowing out the tooth. Then we fill the insides of the tooth and root with a rubber-like substance that acts as a permanent barrier to prevent bacteria or fluid from entering the tooth from the roots. Finally, we seal the opening – again, to prevent bacteria from getting in.

When you return for your follow-up appointment, we will affix a custom and permanent crown to the top of the treated tooth or teeth for additional protection and durability, and to complement your natural smile.

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Root Canal Treatment
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