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For over 50 years, the benefits of fluoride and dental health have been well known. Fluoride has been proven highly successful at preventing tooth decay, and is a natural mineral present in almost all foods and water supplies to varying degrees.

While we all receive fluoride during our daily diet, a professionally applied fluoride treatment goes the extra mile to help correct deep pits and fissures on the chewing surfaces of the teeth, and exposed and sensitive root surfaces. Fluoride treatment can also help alleviate dental issues due to poor hygiene habits, excess sugar and carbohydrate intake, and inadequate saliva flow due to medical conditions or medications.

Our fluoride treatment is a common dental procedure during which we apply highly concentrated fluoride to a patient’s teeth in order to strengthen at-risk teeth and help prevent cavities. This treatment is a very simple way to reduce your risk of having cavities and improve your overall dental health.

For adults, fluoride treatment has been proven effective to repair worn tooth enamel – the result of consuming too many acidic foods, bacterial buildup or poor dental hygiene.

For children, we recommend applying a fluoride treatment even before their first set of teeth are fully grown in. This will prevent decay, infections and a myriad of other pediatric dental issues.

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