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X-rays are invaluable in helping us detect, diagnose and treat a variety of dental conditions for patients of all ages. For your safety, we exclusively use only digital x-ray imaging.

X-ray imaging helps us find what the eye can’t see. While we perform a visual inspection of your teeth, gums and tongue on every visit, there are certain issues that can only be detected with x-ray imaging. Reasons for us to take x-rays include:

Detecting cavities

Cavities tend to bore into the tooth, thus going undetected in the earlier phases of development. Alternatively, if you are experiencing teeth sensitivity or pain, or have a dark spot on your tooth, x-rays help us get to the bottom of the issue.

Restorative treatment

X-rays are essential in determining options and approaches for tooth restoration. When receiving dental implants, crowns and bridges, x-rays are necessary to put a plan in place.

Evaluating development

Paediatric patients tend to require x-rays more often than adults as a means to assess their state of development. X-rays can ensure everything is on track.

Digital x-ray safety

While x-rays do expose the patient to a small amount of radiation, the amount is negligible when factoring in the dangers of an untreated dental condition. Rest assured, our digital x-rays emit significantly less radiation compared to traditional methods, and we offer clean and safe protective gear to offer further protection.

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