What is purple toothpaste? Does it work?

A clean, bright set of teeth can be so captivating. It helps boost confidence and, in a way, encourages you to smile more often.

Because of this, many desire a radiant smile, so countless cosmetic products try to offer solutions. You might have come across the purple toothpaste and wondered if it lives up to its popularity.

If you’re curious about the purple toothpaste, let’s see what reviewers say. But before that, let’s talk about how the product works.

How does the purple toothpaste work?

The purple toothpaste works to eliminate visible yellow stains on the teeth. It claims to make the teeth up to 4 shades lighter when used twice a day for 2 weeks. The toothpaste comes with an oral rinse.

The product doesn’t use common bleaching agents, such as hydrogen peroxide. The idea comes from the position of the two colors in the color wheel. Purple and yellow combine and cancel each other out.

The toothpaste is used similar to regular toothpaste. You brush your teeth and gargle using the oral rinse. The duo can be used daily, and they don't cause teeth sensitivity.

What do product reviewers have to say?

Here’s what reviewers think about the purple toothpaste.

From Bustle.com

After several weeks of use, the reviewer has seen slight differences that she describes may only be visible to her.

There’s a less minty taste to her primary toothpaste. The product could dye the lips and tongue, but stains fade after about 5 minutes.

She finds the product is most effective right after use. The toothpaste is also gentler than other regular whiteners she tried. Although, overall, other over-the-counter whiteners work better for her.

From Women’s Health Mag

Reviewers say it may be worth it ‘if you’re in a pinch’. The product was an instant brightener, and its effects lasted throughout the day. However, it didn’t go deep and only targeted surface stains. So, they’re still recommending hydrogen peroxide-based options for a lasting fix.

From Musely

The two-step system leaves the teeth looking and feeling clean. The toothpaste also doesn’t leave a residue. And the process is safe and painless.

Is there any downside to using purple toothpaste?

As per the manufacturer, the purple toothpaste is gentle. It also works on teeth with dental work, such as veneers and crowns.

The downside is that it isn’t ideal if you’re after long-lasting results. It’s also important to use the product as instructed on the label. Excessive use can harm the teeth, which applies to all over-the-counter oral care products.

Consult with your dentist first before giving it a try. Finding out what type of stains your teeth have can help you decide whether the product will be worth your time.

Should I use purple toothpaste too?

Start by talking to your dentist to know if the product is suitable for you.

Consider dentist-administered options for professional teeth whitening solutions. They’re safe, and they work because they're customized to match the type of whitening your teeth need.

Won’t it be great to settle for that one method that gives you what you’re looking for, instead of shopping for tons of oral cosmetic products?

Learn more about tried-and-tested teeth whitening options at the dental office

The teeth aren't naturally sparkling white. Their color can also change over time due to various factors. Lifestyle and aging, for example, can make them look darker.

It’s tempting to try quick fixes, especially because of their affordable price point. But teeth whitening is never an instant process.

Partner with your dental hygienist and dentist because the right teeth whitening varies from person to person.

Teeth whitening by oral healthcare professionals offers far more chances of achieving the radiant smile you want. And, at the same time, you get to keep your teeth healthy.

At Smyl Dentistry we offer Zoom! teeth whitening in house. This treatment can return your smile to a brilliant white in just one hour. Give us a call today to book an appointment 647.490.6052

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