How to find a good dentist in Toronto (9 tips to filter your options)

Are you moving or planning to relocate to Toronto, Ontario? You’re likely starting or have already started your search for a new dental office.

With so many dentists in a big city like Toronto, choosing one might be overwhelming for you and your family. Here are tips to narrow down your options and find a great dentist you'll love.

  1. Seek referrals from your current dentist. Ask your dentist for referrals before leaving your current address. They may know offices or have contacts near your new residence. Note, however, that choosing a dentist remains a personal decision. Feel free to look for other providers, if for any reason, you’re uncomfortable with referrals you've received.
  2. Gather recommendations. Talk to friends, colleagues, and relatives. They might know someone in the area. You never know until you ask. Your new neighbors may also be able to provide recommendations. Find out how long they’ve been going to the dental office and what they love about their services. A visit to close pharmacies may also help you filter down your candidate list.
  3. Check online reviews. Online reviews from patients give you an idea of how it is to be working with the dental team. You may also pick up information, such as dealing with payment processes, that you won’t be able to from browsing dental websites. You may even find patients with dental needs like yours and find tips for navigating dental care.
  4. Look into professional listings. Check out professional listings on local community sites. You may find dental programs your family may be eligible for or options if you don't have dental insurance and need dental care assistance.
  5. Inquire about how they deal with anxious patients. It helps to be open to the dental team if you or a family member has dental fear or anxiety. Is the staff comfortable working with nervous patients? Does the team extend sympathy or understanding if it takes you long to settle during visits? Do they have options for helping patients feel more relaxed during dental procedures? A warm and supportive environment goes a long way in helping anxious patients receive the care they need.
  6. See if they accommodate children. Check with the dental office if they accept patients of all ages. It would save you time and effort if you can book multiple visits in one location. It also feels great to establish a long-term relationship with a dental team. You feel at ease and confident during visits because the staff is aware of your medical history and specific concerns.
  7. Verify if they cater to your special needs if any. You or a family member might have specific needs. Perhaps you're continuing a dental procedure or hoping to start with one. Or a family member may have a medical condition that requires specialized care. Be sure to verify with the dental team if they have experience managing similar cases.
  8. Check the hours and location. You’ll want a dental office that's close to your home, the children’s school, or your work. This will make traveling more convenient for everyone. See if the practice hours fit your schedule as well. You might prefer a practice with evening hours if you’re working full-time during the day.
  9. Ask about payment options. Find out if the dental office accepts your insurance. See if they offer various payment options too. Some offices offer financing options and even assist you with your insurance claims.

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