9 Tips on how to smile for great photos

9 Tips on how to smile for great photos

Everyone wants to look their best in photos, but smiling for the camera can be tough for some. When you’re asked to show off your smile after a cue, you may suddenly feel awkward or anxious.

Do you find yourself practicing in front of the mirror before a photoshoot? You’re not alone. That’s a great start. Try these tips on how to smile for great photos.

  1. Look at your past photos. Check your previous photos and study your best smiles. Was there a specific angle you look better at? Does your smile look more spontaneous when your teeth are showing? Take note of things that make you look flattering in photos.
  2. Practice and recreate your best smiles. Practice in front of the mirror with your best smiles in mind. Try to take your photos too and review your looks. Remember poses or angles that look forced so you can avoid them moving forward.
  3. Take a deep breath. When you feel stressed or tense, your muscles are likely to follow suit and stiffen. Avoid looking rigid in your photos. Close your eyes for a while, calm yourself, and take a deep breath before the photoshoot starts.
  4. Move your muscles. A photoshoot could use some icebreaker session too. Loosen up and move your mouth and body. Show funny looks, scrunch your nose and smile, shake your head and arms, or do some silly dancing. Make sounds using your mouth, get goofy, and relax.
  5. Talk to your photographer. Exchange some laughs with your photographer. Tell jokes or share funny stories to help draw out your natural smile. Having your photographer share jokes will also lighten up the environment.
  6. Focus on the camera. Once the photoshoot starts, pay attention only to the camera and photographer. You might feel nervous when you look at the crowd. Imagine there's no one around, and that you’re only practicing in front of the mirror.
  7. Think about happy memories or people you like. Recall your favorite moments with your loved ones. Or think about a person you like. Visualize them behind the lens, taking your photo.
  8. Love your smile. Smile is a universal language, but your best smile can be different from others. Embrace your smile, whether you look better in photos with some teeth out or with lips closed. There’s no need to imitate someone else’s pose once you’ve found your perfect smiling position.
  9. Take care of your smile. How your smile looks in photos can also be attributed to your daily habits. Your lifestyle and dental care routine can impact your appearance. If anything makes you feel conscious or unhappy about your smile, talk to your dentist about it. Perhaps a sore, discoloured, cracked, or missing tooth is keeping you from smiling confidently. Your dental care team can recommend solutions to restore or enhance your smile.

Smile more often. It makes you feel better and makes someone’s day brighter too. If you’ve been wanting to fix a dental issue, don't delay any further.

Take the first step and contact the dental office today at 647.490.6052 to book a consultation. Looking great in photos is much easier with a healthy smile.

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