7 Holiday dental care tips for safe and healthy celebrations

The holiday season is approaching. It’s that time of the year again for sweets, festive dishes, and story-filled photos.

7 Holiday dental care tips for safe and healthy celebrations

I From posing in front of the camera to enjoying endless conversations with your loved ones, and indulging in all types of dishes, your smile will be working full-time. Take care of it to ensure safe and healthy celebrations.

Here are holiday dental care tips to keep in mind:

  1. Limit your intake of sweets.

    While you may be around what seems like limitless amounts of holiday baking and sweets, be mindful of enjoying them in moderation. If possible, indulge during meals when there’s abundant salivary flow to prevent sugar sticking to your teeth.

    Harmful bacteria feed on debris from sugary and starchy food and combine with acids to attack the teeth enamel. You need not avoid them altogether but it helps to limit your serving.

  2. Skip the soda.

    Fizzy beverages will most likely be available at holiday gatherings. But, as much as possible, you’ll want to skip them and hydrate with plain water instead.

    Soda exposes your teeth to acids, which isn’t exactly helpful when you’ve already had your full serving of sweets. But if you must, try to use a straw to prevent acids from pooling on your teeth.

  3. Drink plenty of water.

    Keep water easily accessible as you take part in holiday festivities. Water offers a solution to various dental concerns and prevents the onset of potential issues.

    It doesn’t stain the teeth, it keeps the mouth moist, it rinses away food particles on teeth, and it reduces bad breath.

    Most importantly, water helps boost your energy levels during hectic days.

  4. Indulge in tooth-friendly snacks.

    Try to keep your diet balanced by adding tooth-friendly options to your plate.

    Snack on raw vegetables and cheese to remove debris on your teeth, stimulate the flow of saliva, and keep your teeth and gums nourished.

    Leafy vegetables and crunchy fruits serve as natural teeth cleaners, while calcium-rich cheese strengthens the teeth and neutralizes acid levels in the mouth.

  5. Refrain from grazing the entire day.

    It’s tough not to snack on food that’s within arm’s reach, but grazing the entire day can be harmful to your teeth and gums.

    Food particles collect on your teeth surfaces and so does plaque. Lack of moisture in the mouth coupled with continuous snacking makes the mouth more vulnerable to tartar and cavities.

  6. Don’t use your teeth as a tool.

    Avoid using your teeth to open packages or cut adhesive tapes. This increases your risk for dental injury like cuts on gums or the inner cheek and chipped teeth.

    Going to the dental office during the holiday season is good but not if it’s to deal with a preventable dental emergency. Save your teeth, and use proper tools for your holiday activities or routine errands.

  7. Keep your dental appointments.

    Don’t miss your dental appointments no matter how busy your holiday schedule gets. Attend your routine dental checkups and hygiene cleanings to keep your smile in good shape.

    If you’re planning to travel, make it a point to see your dentist before leaving, especially if you have pending dental work.

    If you’re planning to travel, make it a point to see your dentist before leaving, especially if you have pending dental work.

Keep your smile healthy during and after the holiday season

We love seeing you in our dental office, but at the same time, we want you to enjoy your holiday activities with your loved ones.

Visit us for your routine appointments, but avoid having to come in to fix dental issues. The tips above shall help keep your smile protected as you celebrate and welcome the new year.

From all of us here at Smyl Dentistry, we wish you a happy and healthy holiday!